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Privacy Statement

Brodsky & Company combines the knowledge and expertise of five creative, talented and progressive lawyers.  Backed by a staff of students and administrative support, our lawyers work as a litigation team, undertaking a detailed and thorough investigation of your case to identify and pursue all legal and factual issues and opportunities.  Although you are assigned an individual lawyer, you will be able to interact with the entire litigation team throughout the various stages of your case, during meetings, bail applications, court appearances and trials. 

We take pride in our responsiveness and try to communicate with our clients at least once a week. Most importantly, we focus on each individual case and client.  We understand the implications of criminal action and we work with you to understand your situation and your goals.

Overall, our philosophy is to focus on providing responsive service and sophisticated strategies to achieve the desired results for our clients. Our commitment to hard work and excellence has lead to success in every level of the Canadian judicial system, including precedent setting cases in the Supreme Court of Canada.