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Winnipeg Criminal Defence Lawyers

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Brodsky Amy & Gould have served Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario for over 20 years. We help clients like you beat the charges with our powerful and innovative criminal defence strategies and thorough legal research.


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Areas of Practice

Murder and manslaughter charges are among the most severe crimes that a person can be accused of. Our experienced attorneys have defended clients against homicide charges at all levels of court. Have you or someone you know been accused of homicide? Contact us immediately.

Impaired driving laws in Canada are strict. Marijuana, alcohol, and other impaired driving-related offences can lead to serious fines, criminal records, and even jail time. If you’ve been charged with an impaired driving-related offence, call our lawyers immediately. Our legal strategies will help you get through the charges.

Law enforcement agencies in Manitoba have a “zero-tolerance” policy in effect for all domestic violence. This means if a domestic violence allegation is made with reasonable grounds, the police must charge the alleged perpetrator with domestic violence. A good defence lawyer can help you through the difficult work of defending yourself against these serious charges.

Criminal records for drug possession or trafficking are all too common in Canada. Even with the legalization of marijuana, you may still be charged with possession or trafficking if you possess more marijuana than the legal limit. Don’t let a drug-related charge ruin your future—call us as soon as possible to arrange a defence!

Sexual assault is one of the broadest categories of criminal offence—and one of the most harshly penalized. Our defence attorneys will use very different strategies depending on the type of sexual assault you’ve been charged with. Time is of the essence with these charges—call us as soon as possible so we can get to work on your defence.

Assaults and violent offences range from uttering threats to aggravated assault, in which a person is wounded. A good criminal defence lawyer will take different approaches to different kinds of assault and violent offences—these are broad categories. If you’ve been charged with a violent offence, call us immediately.

The laws governing firearms in Canada are complex. There is a wide range of actions that can lead to a person being charged with firearm offences, from improperly carrying and storing your firearm to unsafely discharging a firearm. If you’ve been charged with a firearm-related offence, get in touch with our lawyers today.

Theft-related charges are generally separated into two categories: Theft under $5000 and theft over $5000. While theft over $5000 carries more serious charges, both types of theft can lead to life-altering consequences. Property offences are wide-ranging. Our lawyers can help you defend yourself against theft and property-related offences.

Fraud and white-collar crimes are among the most complex cases to prosecute—and to defend against. Our defence attorneys will help you defend yourself against accusations of fraud or other white-collar crimes. These types of charges can be extremely serious—call us today.

Our youth deserve a strong defense against criminal charges—charges early in life can cause irreparable harm to a child’s future. If you or a child or teen in your care are facing charges, get in touch with a criminal defence lawyer right away.

At Brodsky Amy & Gould, perseverance is part of our ideology. That’s why we have plenty of success in appellate courts. We know that the law is forged at the Appeal stage—and when you need to appeal a decision made by one of the lower courts, our criminal lawyers will be right there with you, supporting your case.

There are a number of different criminal driving offences—but the most common are DUIs. Marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs can lead to impaired driving-related charges. You can also be charged with careless or dangerous driving. Driving offences are quite complicated—but our lawyers have the experience you need to build a solid defence.

Why choose Brodsky Amy & Gould?

Our storied criminal law firm focuses on sophisticated strategies to achieve the results you want in your case. We are a tenacious, thorough, and creative law firm—you can expect us to pursue every bit of information and every legal avenue to help you with your criminal case. Our clients put their trust in us at some of the lowest points in their lives. We repay that trust by doing everything we can to get the best possible outcome in their cases.

We’ve had success in courts of every level related to criminal law. Our criminal defense lawyers have worked in precedent-setting cases, literally redefining how laws are handled in Canada. We do not back down. We will work tirelessly to provide the best criminal defense for you.

Serving Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario

Founded in 1999, our firm’s legal services traces its roots back to the legendary Walsh Micay and Company, who represented leaders in the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike.

Building on this strong tradition, we provide criminal defense for people from all walks of Canadian life in a progressive and liberal manner.

Criminal lawyers, Brodsky Amy & Gould also have extensive experience in appellate work, appearing regularly in the Manitoba and Ontario Courts of Appeal, as well as in the Supreme Court of Canada. The firm was founded by G. Greg Brodsky, Q.C., who continued to revolutionize Canadian Law right up to his passing in 2022. Mr. Brodsky had a career of over 50 years including cases such as R. v. Lavallee, creating a battered wife defense, R. v. Starr, redefining reasonable doubt and clarifying Canada’s principled approach to the admission of hearsay in court proceedings, and R. v. Chaulk, modernizing the not criminally responsible defense. Mr. Brodsky defended over 1000 homicide cases in his career, a record in the English Commonwealth. If you’re looking for a great criminal lawyer Winnipeg can help you, our city produces some of the best legal minds. Our practice areas range from impaired driving, drug offences, weapon offences, to manslaughter. If you need legal representation and a criminal defense, call us 24 hours a day! We are experts when it comes to the criminal justice system.

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