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False Accusations

False accusations are a serious offence that can yield some serious consequences, and they result in wasted time for police officers and other emergency responders.

How Is Jail Time Calculated?

If you happen to be facing jail time, you might wonder how long you will actually have to serve before you’re released back into society.

Civil VS. Criminal Offences

Understanding the finer points of the law is crucial if you want to anticipate what will happen next in your court case. However, many people

Real & Demonstrative Evidence 

In courtrooms, evidence is presented to strengthen or disprove claims made by opposing parties during cases. If you’re a regular consumer of courtroom dramas or

Legal Words & Definitions 

In many legal proceedings, you’ll come across words that you may not be too familiar with. You might have seen a lot of proceedings in

What Is Expungement? 

A criminal record can create a lot of difficulties for you down the road. Whether it was being arrested or convicted, your record can prevent