False Accusations

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False accusations are a serious offence that can yield some serious consequences, and they result in wasted time for police officers and other emergency responders. In turn, this creates a waste of public resources, can obstruct justice, and otherwise lead to mayhem in the lives of innocent parties. If you think that false accusations might be levied against you, here’s what you need to know about this crime:

What Is Public Mischief? 

False accusations fall under a section of the law known as public mischief. According to Section 140 (1) of the Criminal Code, this crime includes any action that aims to mislead an officer of the law to begin or continue an investigation when there are no valid charges to be made. 

Often, this means that someone may have made a false statement about whether an instance really occurred. They might try to put the onus of blame and suspicion on someone else instead of on themselves. Of course, it can also be as blatant as lying about something that someone did in order to cause chaos or consequence for that individual. 

This can start with false 911 calls being made and can end with someone giving a false statement about something that never happened. 

Consequences of False Accusations

If you stand to be charged with false accusations or public mischief, there are some consequences that you should be aware of. Anyone who commits a crime in this area is subject to imprisonment for a term that could last up to five years. 

This is quite a long time to be punished, especially if the major motivator in your false accusations is revenge. Weigh this punishment seriously to see if it’s worth the potential for exacting your revenge on someone else through false accusations. 

The other consequence of public mischief is that you could be found guilty and punished on summary conviction. This means a six-month stint in a provincial jail as a maximum punishment. 

It’s important to note that these may not be the only punishments that you’ll need to endure. Many people who are found guilty of false accusations are also sentenced to pay fines and will remain on probation for an extended period. 

How much can you expect to pay for making false accusations? The bad news is that there is no set amount that you could be forced to pay for making false accusations. It depends on how much restitution the Crown decides to seek for the defendant, but it could be in the thousands.

Get a Criminal Defence Attorney

If you’re facing charges for false accusations, then it’s time for you to seek legal representation to minimize your chances of imprisonment and heavy fines. Brodsky Amy & Gould can help you find the perfect criminal defence lawyer in Winnipeg. We’ll defend you to the best of our ability to make sure you get fair representation when your court case comes around.