Real & Demonstrative Evidence 

In courtrooms, evidence is presented to strengthen or disprove claims made by opposing parties during cases. If you’re a regular consumer of courtroom dramas or

Legal Words & Definitions 

In many legal proceedings, you’ll come across words that you may not be too familiar with. You might have seen a lot of proceedings in

What Is Expungement? 

A criminal record can create a lot of difficulties for you down the road. Whether it was being arrested or convicted, your record can prevent

Review Of A Case: David Milgaard

Can you imagine spending over 20 years behind bars, serving time for a crime you didn’t commit? The mere thought of it is gut-wrenching. But

Defining Legal Terminology

If you aren’t familiar with legal terminology, it can be tough to understand. Most of the language is highly specialized. You might know some of

Repeat Offenders

The Department of Justice in Canada defines recidivism as the act of committing another crime after a prior offence. In other words, it describes the

Review Of A Case: R. Versus R.S.

If you retaliate against an attacker, can you argue that you acted in self-defence? In the eyes of the law, there’s a fine line between

Impaired Driving Laws In Canada

Canada takes a harsh stance on impaired driving. Across the country, there are strict limitations when it comes to driving while under the influence of