Unreasonable Search & Seizure

Our lives are governed by our rights and freedoms; without them, we would live in a lawless society. Every citizen has a responsibility to respect

Entering Canada With A DUI

Over the past year, it hasn’t been easy to cross the border from the United States to Canada. Travel has been restricted for nonessential reasons

When To Hire Criminal Defence Lawyers

Most of us have seen movies where a defendant represents themselves in court; they do so gracefully and eloquently, leaving the judge and jury in

Criminal Record Checks In MB

If you’re applying for a job in nursing, teaching, or childcare, you might be asked to provide a background or criminal record check. It is

Dangerous Driving VS Careless Driving

Everyone makes mistakes, but when you’re driving a vehicle, even a brief lapse of judgement or attention can have deadly consequences. Driving offences in Canada

Your Right To Speak With A Lawyer

If you are arrested, you may have dozens of thoughts racing through your head, like: are you obligated to answer questions? Is there someone you