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Driving under the influence, drunk driving or Impaired driving means driving any motor vehicle, including: a car, truck, boat, snowmobile, aircraft, train, etc., when the ability to operate the  vehicle is impaired by alcohol or drugs. An individual can be convicted of the criminal offence of impaired driving when there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of the person’s impairment. Evidence might show for example that the person was driving very slowly or too fast, was not driving in a straight line, could not manage simple physical tasks, had slurred speech or bloodshot eyes, or had breath that smelled of alcohol.


Impaired driving

It’s a charge that can have a significant affect upon your life, especially if additional factors, such as bodily harm or death of another individual, are involved. DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY. Our lawyers are very experienced in impaired driving litigation and can help you understand the rules, procedures and precedent setting cases that can positively affect the outcome of your case.

Even if you are above the legal limit, 0.08, defences are available. Breathalyzer tests are fallible due to police officer mistake, lack of maintenance and inability to account for individual alcohol absorption rates. Furthermore, the timing of the breath test is critical, your blood alcohol level at the time you were operating a  vehicle may have been under .08, however, when you took the breath sample at the police station, it may have been over .08, thus, creating a strong defence to your charge. If you’re looking for a dui lawyer Winnipeg has plenty of options, but make us your first, we specialize in criminal law!

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