Privacy Statement

This web site is provided to assist clients in finding legal services. The following privacy policies govern the operation and management of the web site.
Brodsky & Company does not collect any information about you when you visit this site. Our web server, like most, does keep an automatic temporary log for security purposes of your IP address and the pages on our site which you access. We do not use cookies or any other type of tracking software.
Please do not provide us with any confidential information via this web site. In order to ensure complete privacy and security we ask that you contact us in person or by telephone.
Any information which you provide to Brodsky & Company regarding your legal matters is kept completely confidential. We are required to collect information to make sure that we can assist you with your case. This information is collected under the authority of s. 36 of FIPPA (The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act). Under s. 17 of FIPPA, the information cannot be released to another person or agency. In addition, all information which Brodsky & Company collects is governed by solicitor-client privilege under s. 24 of The Legal Aid Services Society of Manitoba Act.


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