The Evolution Of Cybercrime & Legal Responses

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As the world transitions more and more to a digital landscape, cybercrime incidents have been steadily on the rise. Law enforcement agencies fight to retain control over the powerful internet, combatting online fraud, identity theft, and even online sexual exploitation. The question is: What can we do to combat cybercrime via law enforcement efforts?

For more information on how computer crime and cybercrime threats influence our modern world, keep reading! 

Categories of Cybercrime

Three main types of criminal operations take place on the internet today, recognized by the National Computer Forensics Institute: Hacker attacks, network penetration to gain unauthorized access, and computer-assisted crimes. Even private-sector organizations are not immune to these threats. 

In all three types of attacks, cybercrime victims are usually facing a security breach. They might have their financial data stolen; some may make unauthorized online transactions or even lose access to intellectual property that once promised great returns. 

Sometimes, these are insider threats from employees who know what data is available on the server, but they can just as easily be done by someone with no connection to you or your company. If you feel that a criminal offence has taken place, you need to get in touch with a cyber criminology department. 

Legal Responses to a Cyber Attack

Unfortunately, there may not be a straightforward criminal investigation into a cyber attack. It depends on what types of sensitive information were accessed in these targeted attacks and how much financial gain might have occurred. 

Internet crimes are a slippery thing to contend with, as there are few security measures set in place to protect people from identity fraud or even romance scams. 

If you feel you have been wrongly accused of criminal activity, you should consult with a criminal defence lawyer in Winnipeg about your rights and options. Often, it depends on what sector the business is in or if personal computers were hacked. Laws will vary depending on the type of information security that was compromised. 

For example, a cyber attack on a hospital that caused data breaches on patient information might face a more severe penalty than identity theft. Likewise, human trafficking over the internet carries steep penalties for those implicated in the process. 

Frontline officers treat many cybercrime cases in much the same way as they treat traditional crimes whenever possible. If you are facing crimes committed, it could come with serious consequences. 

Get Help for Cybercrime Charges

If you are facing cybercrime charges, you need the help of a defence attorney who understands the implications of an online world. Brodsky Amy & Gould can help you minimize your sentence and argue your case. Don’t wait until it’s too late to seek professional counsel. Call us today to learn more about how we can support you in the days ahead.