The Future Of Criminal Law

the scales of justice

For most, the criminal justice system is a complex process, and for those caught up within its system, navigating court proceedings can be a nightmare without the help and guidance of professionals from within the justice system. 

However, things are always growing and evolving—and the criminal justice system is no different. So, what can we expect when it comes to the future of criminal law? Here’s how things may change: 

Racial Equity in Criminal Justice Reform

One thing that has continued to surface in the justice system is racial inequity. People of colour tend to be implicated more frequently and make up the largest proportion of the prison population. Over the years, there have been too many cases of law enforcement officers using excessive force against people of colour. 

The good news is that police officers are now learning more about how to prevent racial prejudice and how to interact better with an accused person so that things don’t escalate into violence. 

Sentencing Reforms and Public Safety

The pandemic forced us all to transition into a world where public safety was paramount, which continues even now. Well into the future, people will start to see that criminal justice decision-making doesn’t always need to entail face-to-face court proceedings. 

Future criminal behaviour is likely to be dealt with from a distance meaning virtual court hearings without an audience. This keeps everyone safer when criminal history is serious and could potentially lead to violence within the court system. 

When things are too risky to allow an accused person into the courtroom, judges and security staff can be protected through this new virtual technology. It saves time and money on the transportation of inmates from the prison populations into the courtroom, as well. 

Faster Court Hearings

This can also be good news for those who commit future crimes and end up stuck in the endless wait for their turn in the justice system. 

A virtual option for court proceedings allows people to receive their hearing much faster and prevents a bottleneck of court appointments. Instead of awaiting trial endlessly, more people will be able to be sentenced faster. They may have to face less pretrial detention as well. 

Prepare for the Future of Crime Prevention

There are many positive changes on the horizon when it comes to justice programs. Police resources are being used more effectively than ever before, and criminal activity is taken very seriously. If you find yourself in a position requiring representation for an accused crime, you need a top-notch Winnipeg criminal defence lawyer

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