The Impact Of A Criminal Record

Did you know that your criminal offence could make the rest of your life harder? More people than you think can access your criminal records, and this can hinder your ability to reach your dreams. Even without criminal convictions, you might still find that a criminal record of any kind is problematic for your future.

What negative impacts can you expect from a criminal offence?

May Limit Job Opportunities

First and foremost, you might find that the results of a criminal record affect your ability to get the job of your dreams. Many employers run a simple background check on new hires during the interview process. Depending on what your criminal record check reveals, they may find that hiring you is too great of a risk.

Legally, an employer can refuse to hire you based on the results of your background check. Even if your charge was related to something separate from their business practices, it might be enough for them to consider giving the job to someone else.

Could Limit Rental Possibilities

A landlord also has the right to run a background check on you before leasing out one of their properties. In fact, this is becoming standard practice for most property management companies. The impact of a criminal record may make it that much harder for you to find a decent place to live; landlords have the right to refuse anyone based on their criminal record.

That being said, they can only go back to criminal offences for a certain time period. If your criminal conviction is a part of your distant past, then you might be able to skirt some of these issues. Be sure to check local laws when trying to rent if you have a criminal record.

Loss of Driving Privileges

A criminal record can also make it difficult for you to get around town, as some offences will take away your driver’s licence. If you commit criminal acts that include alcohol or drugs, it could lead the courts to revoke your licence for a set period of time.

These court records can make it seriously challenging to get to work, run errands, and more. Much like a record suspension, you might be able to earn your driving privileges back over time by taking classes and/or paying fines.

Child Custody Issues

Having a criminal record might limit your ability to get custody of your kids. This is especially true in the case of violent crimes, domestic violence, or anything that relates to family wellness. A criminal record can also make it difficult, if not impossible, to adopt a child if you were hoping to grow your family this way.

Consult with an attorney in family law if you think that this might be an issue for you.

Hire a Top-Notch Criminal Defence Lawyer

Don’t take chances with your criminal record because it can seriously disrupt your life. You need to hire the right defence attorney out of the gate to prevent a conviction, whether for minor offences or a more serious offence.

You can also get a criminal record suspension when you can demonstrate that you’ve been a law-abiding citizen for a set number of years.

If you’re facing criminal charges, contact Brodsky Amy & Gould to find a qualified criminal lawyer in Winnipeg. We can help you with your criminal record now.