When To Hire Criminal Defence Lawyers

Most of us have seen movies where a defendant represents themselves in court; they do so gracefully and eloquently, leaving the judge and jury in awe at their improvisational skills. 

But there’s a stark difference between courtroom dramas and the reality of the criminal justice system. Representing yourself in court without a criminal lawyer will lower your chances of success.

Is it time to call a lawyer? In the following situations, we advise seeking legal counsel:

You’re Facing Criminal Charges

If charges are brought against you, it can be difficult to discern what they mean. How can you defend yourself if you don’t understand what you’re being accused of? You may receive any of the following charges:

  • Drug charges
  • Assault
  • Theft
  • Driving offences
  • Fraud

These are just a few of the criminal charges that you could face if you are dealing with the police. For your protection, it’s very wise to call a criminal lawyer when you are dealing with accusations of criminal activity. 

As Soon as You’ve Been Arrested

Upon being arrested, the police may ask you a series of questions. You are not obligated to answer any of them before calling a lawyer. All Canadians have the right to speak to a lawyer without delay.

When police are asking questions, answering them without a lawyer is ill-advised. Any statements that you provide can be used against you. Your words could be turned into incriminating admissions of responsibility or guilt.

You Want to Reduce Potential Punishments

One of the main barriers people face when seeking legal representation is the cost. But have you considered the fines and ramifications you could face if you don’t have a criminal lawyer in your corner?

The expense of hiring a criminal lawyer is significantly less daunting when you factor in the cost of fines, losing your job, or going to jail. You want to do everything you can to protect yourself from these unfavourable outcomes. For these reasons, hiring a criminal lawyer is an investment in yourself.

Reduce Stress

Trying to navigate something as complex as the law by yourself is no walk in the park. It could entail a lot of long nights spent on Google, trying to find answers that can help your case.

Dealing with criminal charges is stressful enough as it is. When you tack on the idea of managing them without a lawyer, you may feel entirely overwhelmed. 

A lawyer can help you understand the offences that you’re being accused of, and how to respond. Even if you feel like your case is hopeless, there may be errors in the evidence or testimonies that you hadn’t considered.

You’re Going to Court

On the day of your trial, you don’t want to walk into the courtroom by yourself. You need an experienced criminal lawyer by your side to represent you.

The sooner you call a criminal lawyer, the better; doing so can protect you from making incriminating statements or mishandling your case. If you are facing charges, your future is at stake. A criminal record has implications for all areas of your life, from your relationships with others to your employment opportunities. 

When you need legal assistance from criminal law firms in Winnipeg, call Brodsky Amy & Gould. Our team of knowledgeable and dedicated criminal lawyers can provide representation for a range of charges.