5 Things To Do Following A Car Accident

Whether you get into a fender bender or a more serious car accident, it can leave you feeling frazzled. As a result, many people do not do the proper things to protect themselves. Having a checklist of steps to take following a car accident can make all of the difference in the outcome of a potential settlement. Here are five things you need to remember to do following a car accident: 

Stop and Preserve the Scene

The worst thing you can do following a car accident is to simply drive away. You should always stop the car and remain at the scene. Protect the scene as much as you can by turning on your hazard lights, setting up flares, or standing by the roadside with a flashlight to alert other drivers to your presence. 

Call the Police

Even if there are no injuries to you and only minor repairs necessary to your vehicle, you should call the police. Filing a report will be helpful if you have to file a claim with your insurance company. The police will want to see the cars in the exact position that they were in when the accident occurred unless they’re obstructing traffic. 

Take Pictures

Even if you can preserve the scene of the accident until police arrive, make sure you take good pictures. Photograph the damage to your vehicle, any injuries you or the other person sustained, and any other details that seem pertinent. Do not interfere with any investigations being done by the police;  you will want these pictures for your own records. If it doesn’t make sense for you to take pictures immediately following the accident for some reason, make sure you take them as soon as possible. 

Seek Medical Attention

Many people do not recognize signs of injury until several days after the impact of the car accident. Unless you are one hundred percent certain that you are fine, you should always seek medical attention. You could have damaged your spinal cord or sustained a head injury in the impact, particularly if you lost consciousness during the ordeal. You should go to a hospital emergency room for medical attention or make an appointment with your regular general physician. 

Organize Your File

Keep everything related to your accident all in one convenient location. This should include pictures, medical records, the police report, claim number, and the contact information for your claims adjuster. Always keep receipts for things like repair bills, rental car fees, and other expenses that you might have racked up due to the accident. 

Call an Attorney 

Last but not least, you should always consult an attorney to make sure that you are protecting your rights. You might want to receive legal advice before making a statement with your insurance company. If you have recently been in a car accident, then you need to make  contact with an excellent Winnipeg criminal defence lawyer. Brodsky, Amy & Gould would love to represent you!