A Good Criminal Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights

Despite the vast amount of information that’s available to us today, nothing compares to the expertise and training that a criminal lawyer possesses. If you’re defending yourself in court, you can’t compare to what a trained professional offers during a trial.

It’s best to hire a defence lawyer as soon as you are charged with a criminal offence. They can prevent you from unintentionally making incriminating statements during police interrogations. Not only can a criminal lawyer help to prove your innocence, but they can ensure your rights are protected.

When you contact a lawyer early on in the process, they’ll have more time to create a strong argument for you. Here’s how they can secure a better outcome for your case:

Your Right to a Fair Trial

In Canada, every individual who’s charged with a criminal offence has the right to be presumed innocent. They’re entitled to a fair trial regardless of what the police or public opinion might believe happened. A criminal lawyer can help ensure this right is protected.

Reduce Your Sentence

Even if there is a strong case against you, there’s still reasons to hire a criminal lawyer. 

You may be facing a range of charges, each with penalties that drastically affect your life. These include jail time, fines, and/or a criminal record. By negotiating a plea bargain, you can reduce the severity of the punishments that you may be facing. 

Choosing to plead guilty carries consequences of its own. This is not a decision to make lightly or by yourself. Your criminal lawyer can help you weigh the pros and cons of every option.

Unauthorized Searches & Interrogations

A criminal lawyer can educate you about the rights you may not have known you had. With this knowledge, you can understand how to better conduct yourself in legal situations. 

Perhaps the police searched your home and found incriminating evidence, or denied your right to call a lawyer so that they could ask you questions. If the judge finds that pieces of evidence were obtained in an unethical way, the evidence cannot be used in court. A criminal lawyer knows how to bring attention to these instances of misconduct.

What If I Confess Guilt to My Lawyer?

It is not your criminal lawyer’s job to discern whether or not the accused has committed a crime; instead, their responsibility is to ensure the prosecutor has sufficient evidence to prove it. Throughout the criminal justice process, the defender’s goal is to create compelling arguments, ensure that guilt has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt, and see to it that the principles of the law have been followed. 

Sharing all the details surrounding your case will help your criminal lawyer understand the full scope of the situation. 

Looking for a Criminal Lawyer?

There’s no way around it—if you’re facing criminal charges, you need a lawyer. 

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