Criminal Code Driving Offences

If you’ve ever been issued a minor speeding ticket, you may have wondered what a serious driving offence would look like. In Canada, there are a range of driving-related criminal charges. They can result from breaking traffic laws or endangering others with a vehicle. The Criminal Code of Canada includes a list of offences that can be punishable by issuing fines, suspending one’s licence, or jail time. In this post, we will cover some of the driving offences that fall under the Criminal Code:  

Driving While Impaired

This charge applies to those who are caught driving while under the influence of drugs (prescription or illegal) and/or alcohol. If the offender causes bodily harm, they can receive a prison sentence—if it causes death, it may result in life in prison. 

Careless Driving

A driver may receive this charge if they are driving without paying attention. Examples of careless driving include swerving into other lanes, driving past stop signs, and tailgating other vehicles. Those who are charged with careless driving typically receive a fine, demerits on their licence, or several months in jail. 

Dangerous Driving

One who is charged with dangerous driving is considered a threat to public safety. It describes the reckless handling of a motor vehicle that puts others in danger; one example is speeding in a school zone. Depending on how serious the offence is, the penalties range from 2 years in prison to upwards of 10. In Manitoba, your licence may be suspended for several years. Since this is considered a criminal offence, it will result in a criminal record. 

Criminal Negligence

Driving without regard for the lives of others is considered criminal negligence. These charges are the most serious of driving offences and therefore have the greatest ramifications. If the driver caused harm to other people, the severity of the charge increases. Criminal negligence that causes death can result in a charge of vehicular manslaughter. 

Driving While Your Licence Is Suspended

A driver’s licence may be disqualified for several reasons, such as driving under the influence or causing a traffic accident. One who is caught driving without a valid licence has committed a criminal offence that may warrant a fine or jail time.  

Failure To Stop At An Accident

If you are involved in a collision, you are required to pull over and offer your identification. You should also provide help to those at the scene and call an ambulance if necessary. A driver who is found guilty of disobeying this requirement will be charged.  

Street Racing 

Behaviour such as racing other vehicles or performing car stunts/tricks that endanger others is a criminal offence. Similar to the charges listed above, the penalties are more severe if the offence causes bodily harm to others.

In Canada, the punishments for these offences can be serious. They may result in the suspension of your license, a fine, or even jail time. Are you looking for a driving offence lawyer in Winnipeg? A criminal lawyer can help you with your case. Contact the office of Brodsky Amy & Gould for legal representation.