New Laws In Canada 2022

The government is constantly shape-shifting to keep up with the times, which means that new laws are put in place each year to protect Canadian citizens. It can be challenging to keep up with all the changes that occur daily or weekly. Instead, it makes sense to look at the year as a whole and see what new laws were enacted as you look ahead to a new year. 

What are the new laws in Canada in 2022? Here’s a quick snapshot of a few that might surprise you: 

Conversion Therapy

For many years, conversion therapy was a prominent treatment that sought to convince people who identified as LGBTQIA+ to shift to thinking of themselves as heterosexual, cisgender individuals. As of January 2022, this new law makes it illegal for anyone to profit from this practice. Even those who advertise or promote it will be sentenced for their role in this damaging therapy with up to two years in prison. This is a major win for the LGBTQIA+ community that has suffered under this type of therapy for a very long time. 

No More Single-Use Plastics

In an attempt to take better care of the environment, Canada implemented a law limiting the number of single-use plastics people use daily. It covers key categories like bags at the checkout line, straws, and cutlery. The world will be better for this law as it aims to eliminate this type of waste. They also made several environmental shifts this year, including ending fossil fuel financing and changing carbon tax refunds in certain provinces. 

Gun Control Laws

With the introduction of Bill C-21, the Prime Minister put in place some pretty stringent restrictions regarding the purchase of new guns. There was a federal freeze on handgun purchases. The government is also taking away the licenses of those with a history of domestic violence charges or criminal harassment. They implemented more penalties for gun smuggling and trafficking. 

There is also a new “red flag” law for people who may be a danger to themselves to surrender their firearms. This is excellent news for those with a history of mental health concerns, intimate partner violence, and/or gender-based violence. 

Amendment to Judges Act and Criminal Code

This law is a significant step forward for sexual assault victims. Provincial superior court judges are now required to take continuing education courses in sexual assault law and learn about the social context for these crimes, giving them the background they need to understand the legal nuances of these types of violations. 

Getting a Criminal Defence Lawyer

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