Penalties For Minors Convicted Of DUI

Canada is a country that’s known for its snowy winters, passionate hockey fans, and strict policies regarding drinking and driving. Most provinces have a zero tolerance approach when it comes to DUIs to reduce the fatalities that result from these incidents. Many of us make mistakes when we are young; we don’t want these errors in judgement to reflect on us for the rest of our lives. When a minor is convicted of a DUI, what will the punishment be, and will it appear permanently on their criminal record?

A DUI charge can result when a minor is caught driving when under the influence of alcohol or cannabis. Across Canada, legal drinking ages vary; in Manitoba, the age is 18. If someone is arrested for driving while under the influence and they are 17 or under, they will likely be tried as a minor or juvenile.

Drinking laws vary depending on age. The longer that one has had their licence, the more permissible the law is towards a low BAC (blood alcohol concentration). An adult’s legal limit for BAC is 0.05 and a maximum is 0.08. Blowing 0.05 does not mean one won’t incur penalties; the driver may face a licence suspension. To avoid a DUI, an adult must test below 0.05. But for minors, there is a zero tolerance policy; any detection of alcohol in the blood, no matter how small, will result in an offence. Here are some of the charges that a minor can face:

A Fine
The juvenile may be obligated to pay a fee that ranges from several hundred to thousands of dollars. In some cases, the fine can be paid by doing community service hours.

Licence Suspension
It is standard that, following a DUI, your licence will be suspended for several months or years. For subsequent offences, this length of time will increase. A repeat offender may be required to install an ignition interlock in their vehicle: a breath screening device that prevents one from driving the car if they have alcohol in their system. Unless the driver blows a BAC of 0.0, the vehicle will not start.

Community Service
The minor may be required to contribute a set amount of community service hours. Some of these duties include trash collection, warehouse work, and garden work.

Juvenile Detention
Adults are sentenced to jail when they commit serious offences, but minors are sent to juvenile detention centres. The individual may be required to spend months in this facility. These facilities aim to teach minors healthier habits so that they make better choices in the future.

A Criminal Record
In some cases, a DUI can result in a criminal record, even for a minor. This can limit one from travelling, gaining employment, and finding a place to live. It has lifelong implications from a single mistake. To prevent this outcome, a criminal lawyer in Winnipeg is needed.

If you are facing criminal charges, you need to contact a Winnipeg law firm for legal representation. A DUI lawyer in Winnipeg can help you achieve the best possible outcome in these circumstances. The attorneys at Brodsky Amy & Gould will protect the future of your child. They have experience with the best defences for minors who are facing a DUI charge. Contact us today to receive valuable legal advice.