Sentencing For Drug Offences

If you were found to be in possession of drugs by a law enforcement official, then you could be facing some pretty serious charges. The specific sentencing you receive depends greatly on what type of offence you are being charged with. It is crucial that you understand the most common offences and their potential consequences. This is where having an excellent drug possession lawyer in Winnipeg can really help. 

Before you head to court, here is everything you need to know about drug possession charges: 

Most Common Offences

The most common offence for drugs is simple possession. If you are found to have any traces of any type of drug on your person or in your vehicle, you can be charged with simple possession. The specific charges or sentences associated with simple possession vary depending on what type of drug was discovered. 

If you are found to have greater amounts of the drug with you, you could be facing higher charges. There are five common narcotic offences including: 

  • Simple possession of the drug
  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking a drug
  • Trafficking a drug
  • Production of a drug
  • Importation of a drug

As you proceed down the list of these charges, the consequences for each one becomes significantly greater. You are more likely to face jail time for anything beyond simple possession of the drug. 

Sentencing for Drug Offences

It would be hard to give you a realistic representation of exactly what sentence you might receive based on your charges. The results vary drastically from individual to individual. If you have a relatively clean record with no prior history, you might be let off with a conditional discharge for a simple possession charge. A long history of drug-related instances might score you some jail time. 

Even bail conditions can change dramatically based on your offence and prior history. Many people are eligible for bail, but there are strict rules about what they can and cannot do. For example, they might not be allowed out past a certain hour or they might not be allowed to have access to their cell phone. 

Be sure that you do not violate any of the conditions of your probationary release. If you are caught, you can be arrested and will have a much more difficult time proving your innocence or getting off with a lesser sentence. 

Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

For the best outcomes, you should really hire an experienced drug possession attorney. They know the subtle nuances of the law that might be able to help you get out of a sticky situation. A good attorney can review the history of your prior charges and argue that you be given a lesser sentence. They can also review the incriminating evidence to see whether there are any loopholes that might protect you in court. 

If you are facing drug possession charges, it is best to hire an attorney now instead of waiting until the last minute. Be sure to give Brodsky, Amy, and Gould a call today to discuss your potential case!