What If My Child is Charged with a Crime?

It is one of the worst fears that a parent has for their child – something has happened and their child is now being charged with a crime. You must find a way to deal with what occurred and mitigate the potential consequences so that it has minimal impact on their future. Unfortunately, few parents have a detailed understanding of the juvenile justice system. This is why you specifically need to look for a top lawyer for youth in Winnipeg

If your child has been charged with a crime, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Here is just some of what you might be able to expect: 

Will My Child Go to Court? 

Going to court and standing before a judge can be a scary prospect. Most parents want to protect their children from the stress and potential consequences that can take place in the courtroom. However, there is simply no getting around it. If your child is charged with a crime, they will likely have to go to criminal court, at least initially. After the initial court hearing, you may be able to find other ways to work around the case without additional court hearings. 

Will My Child Go to Jail? 

The juvenile justice system is a little different than the regular system for adults. While it is certainly possible that your child will make their way into a juvenile detention centre, there are other possibilities. They might be enrolled into a community program or ordered to perform community service in lieu of jail time. Sometimes, they are let off with nothing but a warning. 

Keep in mind that serious crimes warrant serious punishment, and jail time is certainly a possibility. However, a good youth lawyer might be able to help minimize the sentence.

Can Parents Be Charged for Their Child’s Crime? 

In some scenarios, a parent’s actions are the direct cause of the criminal matter at hand. For example, a parent may supply their child with alcohol. The child is then pulled over for driving under the influence. Because the alcohol was directly provided by the parent to an underage child, it is quite possible that the criminal charge will rest on the parent as well as the child. It is often considered a misdemeanor charge with a smaller imprisonment sentence and fines. 

If your child causes property damage or physically assaults someone else, the parents may also be sued. They could be held responsible for paying the damages that their child inflicted. 

Be Prepared for Your Child’s Charges

There are a number of possibilities for how things can go when your child faces criminal charges. They may get off easy with a warning or they could be facing serious consequences. It is always best to be prepared and arm yourself with the best criminal defence lawyer in Winnipeg. Contact Brodsky, Amy, and Gould for assistance with your child’s case today!