What To Do When Your Licence Is Suspended

a man leaning through a car window checking another persons drivers license

In the modern world, the ability to navigate around town in your own vehicle seems more like a necessity than a luxury. Having your licence suspended is inconvenient and problematic, making it a challenge to get from point A to point B. If your licence gets suspended, you need to follow a few important rules to get it reinstated as quickly as possible. 

Below are some steps to take to get it back: 

Pay Fines

Often, losing your licence comes along with some hefty fines. These fines could be the result of your reckless driving, driving under the influence, and/or a failure to insure the vehicle that you’re driving. No matter the reason for the fine, you must pay it before having your licence reinstated and moving on to the next steps of the process. 

Complete Classes

Along with the financial setback of losing your licence, you’ll probably be required to complete a court-ordered program of some type. This might be a driver’s education program that focuses on safe driving practices or some other type of court-ordered program that caters to why you lost your licence in the first place. 

While these can be quite time-consuming and may not fit nicely into your schedule, your licence won’t be reinstated until you can prove that you graduated from the program with flying colours. Be sure to attend and pay close attention—you might learn something new! 

Gather Proof

Before you can renew your licence, you need to make sure that you have all the documentation proving that your suspension has been lifted. This can include letters from the court, a note from your doctor, or an affidavit. Make sure that you know what documents are required for your unique case so that you can have your licence reinstated as quickly as possible. 

Get a New Driver’s Licence

You’ll need to get a new driver’s licence once you’ve done the first three items on the list. In addition to any fines that you may have had to pay, you could also face a hefty reinstatement fee for your licence. Be prepared to fork over some more of your hard-earned cash if you want to get behind the wheel again. 

You may also be required to take certain tests, such as an eye test, depending on how long your licence had been suspended. Check with MPI to determine what you might need in advance. 

Get the Help You Need

If you’ve had your licence suspended for any reason, you’ll need professional help to navigate your return to the road. Better yet, you can build a case that prevents the suspension in the first place. If you need a criminal lawyer in Winnipeg, Brodsky Amy & Gould is here to help. Call today to learn more about how we can build a solid defence on your behalf!