Winnipeg Legal Firm Urges Anyone Who Is Arrested To Request A Lawyer Before Making Any Comment To Police

WINNIPEG, Canada – Brodsky Amy & Gould, a criminal defence law firm based in Winnipeg, Canada, urges anyone arrested to consult with a lawyer before engaging with the police. There is an essential difference between being initially arrested for an offence and ultimately being charged with that offence by police.  When someone is arrested for the first time, they can be particularly vulnerable to the risks associated with engaging with the police.  It may seem natural to answer questions, sign a statement, or agree to requests made by police, due to an honestly held belief that cooperation reflects innocence.  This is not the case. 

Once a statement has been made in writing, recorded on video, or simply spoken to an officer, it can be very challenging to dispute that evidence.  The best advice in a particular situation depends on the unique circumstances of each case, but there is always a real advantage to making an informed decision and protecting yourself.  

“Being arrested is a stressful and worrying experience for almost anyone, but particularly for someone who has never been through the process before,” said Matt Gould, lawyer, and partner at Brodsky Amy & Gould. “The stress and unfamiliarity with the arrest process can easily result in statements made to police which can be taken out of context or misconstrued.  This can lead to evidence being unwittingly provided to police that can be devastating to the Defence.  Unfortunately, once statements are provided to police, it can be very difficult to dispute them. That is why I advise everyone to always stay informed, and to be prepared for these situations by seeking advice from a lawyer, regardless of the alleged crime.” 

Matt Gould is an established criminal defence lawyer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and a partner at the firm Brodsky Amy & Gould.  He has exclusively practiced criminal defence law since his call to the bar in 2008.  Matt Gould started his post-secondary education at the University of Winnipeg, before attending the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, graduating with an Honors Business Administration degree.  After three years living abroad, Matt Gould returned to Winnipeg to attend law school.  For more information about Matt Gould and Brodsky Amy & Gould, visit